Saturday, November 1, 2014

ISR Venice Beach Radio: Luscious Jackson - Electric Honey (Full Album)


Luscious Jackson - Electric Honey (Full Album)

Released June 17, 1999 on Grand Royal/Capitol

1. Nervous Breakthrough 0:00
2. Ladyfingers 3:44
3. Christine 7:12
4. Alien Lover 10:40
5. Summer Daze 14:29
6. Sexy Hypnotist 18:00
7. Friends 21:13
8. Devotion 24:42
9. Fantastic Fabulous 27:56
10. Gypsy 31:10
11. Beloved 34:10
12. Country's a Callin' 37:08
13. Space Diva 40:15
14. Fly 43:40
15. Lover's Moon 47:54

Grand Royal Records was the Los Angeles, California based vanity label set up in 1992 by the Beastie Boys in conjunction with Capitol Records after the group left Def Jam Recordings.

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