Monday, January 12, 2015

1. To All the Girls 0:00
2. Shake Your Rump 1:29
3. Johnny Ryall 5:06
4. Egg Man 8:07
5. High Plains Drifter 11:05
6. The Sounds of Science 15:18
7. 3-Minute Rule 18:30
8. Hey Ladies 22:09
9. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner 25:57
10. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun 26:20
11. Car Thief 29:54
12. What Comes Around 33:28
13. Shadrach 36:36
14. Ask for Janice 40:14
15.a B-Boy Bouillabaisse - 59 Chrystie Street 40:26
15.b B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Get on the Mic 41:22
15.c B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Stop That Train 42:36
15.d B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Year and a Day 44:36
15.e B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Hello Brooklyn 46:57
15.f B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Dropping Names 48:29
15.g B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Lay It on Me 49:31
15.h B-Boy Bouillabaisse - Mike on the Mic 50:25
15.i B-Boy Bouillabaisse - A.W.O.L. 51:16

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