Sunday, December 31, 2017


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"Female Energy"

Willow - "The Indigo"

Willow Smith is the youngest child of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Hollywood actor Will Smith.

A few years ago she had a pop album and a big hit record on the Disney Radio channel and YouTube called: "Whip My Hair".

My, my the kids do grow up fast.

Willow now has a new and refreshing sound that defies all of the music categories.

I must admit that she has developed a beautiful singing voice full of emotions and range.

She has a unique creative vision as well. She now makes non-commercial alternative jazzy funk songs to listen to, to awaken your cerebral cortex and kundalini chakra centers, or to just vibe to.

Brilliantly transcendent, Willow is no longer a kiddie pop artist. Her new music is the beginning of a person coming into full actualization.

Willow is making 'art' now.

She has a supreme confidence in an eclectic vision so unique and different from the norm that it really grabs a hold of you on many different levels simultaneously.

I will be buying more of Willow's music as long as she continues to experiment, experience life, and write and produce in this progressive new style of jazzy alternative hip-hop funk.

Experience a psychedelic trip. Wake up and see life how it is, when it is, all that it can be for you and eye.

A welcome and pleasant surprise for all Hip-Hop, Acid Jazz, and Neo-Soul fans.

Edited by James Clark


Sunday, December 24, 2017

FKA Twigs

ISR Music Magazine

 "Formerly Known As"

Tahliah Barnett - Formerly Known As Twigs

Born the same day as Aaliyah and Sade, FKA Twigs is a London-based producer, singer, songwriter, video director, classically trained ballerina, and choreographer.

Her exquisite taste comes through in everything she does; video, dance, melody, lyric. Every image carefully and artfully conceived. A mistress of symbolism and space, sonically her music is a combination of a rare Prince b-side fused with the sensuality of an Aaliyah r&b breakdown.

But she's different than that description. It's actually something more artsy and more enigmatic than that going on. Perhaps it's found in "the space between."

FKA Twigs owns "the space between".
Her haunting of us takes us into the silence. The slow, seductive pace of some of her songs leaves us yearning for more. It's what isn't said or heard that is the genius. I can't put my finger on it, because it isn't there...and that's what makes it pure gold.

Her lyrics are sumptuous and feminine delivered with her usual air of loneliness and lust as tasteful re-verb is sprinkled over an eclectic mix of sounds and timbres to surround and gently guide her.

A beauty and a songstress, she never fails to surprise or beguile.

- James Clark with Kayla Manor