Sunday, December 31, 2017


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"Female Energy"

Willow - "The Indigo"

Willow Smith is the youngest child of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Hollywood actor Will Smith.

A few years ago she had a pop album and a big hit record on the Disney Radio channel and YouTube called: "Whip My Hair".

My, my the kids do grow up fast.

Willow now has a new and refreshing sound that defies all of the music categories.

I must admit that she has developed a beautiful singing voice full of emotions and range.

She has a unique creative vision as well. She now makes non-commercial alternative jazzy funk songs to listen to, to awaken your cerebral cortex and kundalini chakra centers, or to just vibe to.

Brilliantly transcendent, Willow is no longer a kiddie pop artist. Her new music is the beginning of a person coming into full actualization.

Willow is making 'art' now.

She has a supreme confidence in an eclectic vision so unique and different from the norm that it really grabs a hold of you on many different levels simultaneously.

I will be buying more of Willow's music as long as she continues to experiment, experience life, and write and produce in this progressive new style of jazzy alternative hip-hop funk.

Experience a psychedelic trip. Wake up and see life how it is, when it is, all that it can be for you and eye.

A welcome and pleasant surprise for all Hip-Hop, Acid Jazz, and Neo-Soul fans.

Edited by James Clark